VIDEO: Kid Hugs Cop

Via USA Today:

Forth Worth police Officer Anthony Colter was taking a break at a local McDonald’s when he noticed he’d caught the attention of a child nearby.


Jamie Hubbard told NBC’s “TODAY” she eating with her son, TJ, last week when she noticed he’d become fascinated by seeing a real-life police officer.


“TJ kept looking at him and his helmet,” Hubbard said.


Colter, a motorcycle cop, said the boy wanted a ride on his bike, but Colter offered the 3-year-old a police badge sticker instead. The officer also made sure to let TJ know he considered him his “helper” for the day.


“I told him that the officer liked him, and he was his friend,” said Hubbard, a stay-at-home mom. “He got a really big grin on his face.”


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