VIDEO: Fill ‘Er Up

A video of a Milwaukee police officer has gone viral on Facebook—but not because of something bad.

Via Milwaukee’s WTMJ-TV:

The call came in: A stranded motorist at a busy intersection, a car with no plates – but Officer Christopher Agnew wasn’t interested in writing a ticket.


“She was just kind of scared. You could just kind of tell,” said Officer Christopher Agnew. “She was on the phone with her mother and I reassured her mom that she was okay and I was going to help her get back into traffic and get her day going.”


Katrina Vivians – who declined to talk with us on camera – had just purchased the car, and appeared to panic when it ran out of gas – unfamiliar with what to do.


“It was a brand new car, first car she had ever bought, a brand new car that she didn’t know how to get into the vehicle to pop the gas tank and all that stuff so we helped each other find that and then we popped it and I just filled up the gas for her,” Officer Agnew remembers.


Agnew, a field training officer on the force for a decade, admits his actions were nothing out of the ordinary and the types of things he tries to teach recruits.


“I didn’t think I was doing anything more than what was expected of me. I saw someone that needed help and I helped her.”


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