VIDEO: No More Dicks!


Seeing as local and federal law enforcement have apparently decided to take an extremely “hands off” approach with the idiots that have occupied a federal building in rural Oregon, law-abiding Americans have decided to use a tried and tested technique to bring the non-standoff to a close.

Between being sent literal bags (in boxes) of dicks and getting destroyed by creative types on social media, the anti-government extremists and their various volunteer security teams are increasingly low on morale.

Check out “Mr. Daddy took an oath:”

That’s why it was so nice of several elected officials from multiple states to show up and express their support. That’s always the kind of thing that brings in sweet Go Fund Me cash.

And it’s not like they have to listen to law enforcement professionals. Those guys work for the illegal and illegitimate government!

Meanwhile, the county sheriff’s wife has fled after receiving a ton of death threats from fans of the millionaire Bundy boys and their crew.

It’s extremely hard to tell exactly what is going on here.

On the one hand, no one wants another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

On the other hand, the hands-off approach at the first Bundy standoff also meant people were free to come and go back in.

Two of those people that came and went wound up murdering two police officers ambush-style as they ate their lunch in Las Vegas.

So hopefully, and this is just coming from a non-political officer safety perspective, someone’s keeping tabs on some of the folks that say they want nothing more than to die in a firefight with anyone wearing a uniform.

They don’t care if the targets work for federal, state, or local law enforcement.


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