VIDEO: Bad Move, Guys

There’s a wild video on YouTube showing armed men entering a police station in Michigan and nearly starting a blood bath.

If you start a conversation about who represents the biggest threat to Americans, in terms of public safety, odds are people will usually wind up disagreeing about whether or not we should be more worried about the Omar Mateens or Dylan Roofs of the world.

When it comes to what people refer to as lone-wolf attacks, the ideology of the shooters is usually what people focus on.

People worried about foreign-based terrorism tend to focus on San Bernardino, while those concerned about sovereign citizens and white supremacists tend to focus on the incidents like the recent mosque shooting in Quebec or the “sovereign citizen” Bundy supporters who ambushed and killed two cops in Las Vegas as they ate lunch.

But one thing’s clear. The self-radicalized Bundy-types are energized and continue to attempt to provoke police officers by showing up unannounced at secure facilities, armed to the teeth to complain about this or that.

Without getting into a long, drawn-out and fruitless debate on open-carry rights and the rest, it’s important to understand that the guys in this video did not get the memo about the war on cops.

At any rate, these kinds of situations are explosively dangerous.

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