VIDEO: This is a Police Officer

Maybe you’ve seen this before; maybe you haven’t. “Policeman,” narrated by Paul Harvey, is a moving tribute to the many police officers who risk their lives daily.

After this particularly crazy week in cop news, it’s a nice reminder of why what you do is so important.


Retired K/9 Handler&Trainer times are getting worse to many LE &K9 s are getting hurt or killed they are cowards RIP my brothers and sidters

Thanks for the video, as a retired SAPD Officer of 31 yrs. it’s a shame of the way Officers around the U.S
Are being treated.yes we are not perfect but we are not all to blame for a few bad apples. As there are bad apples in all orginizations. To all brothers in blue
Be safe and that you all go home to your families at the end of your tour of duty

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