VIDEO: All Drive-Thrus Matter

Generally speaking, when people hear about cops saving someone, it usually involves a person or animal.

And obviously there’s nothing the internet loves more than videos and photos of certified peace officers pulling old ladies out of flaming vehicles or risking hypothermia by diving into an icy pond to save a dog that chased a stick on to thin ice.

Most people who watch this video won’t think it’s anything all that special. After all, the occupants had evacuated and most cops are good enough behind the wheel to move a burning truck away from people using their vehicles.

By staying cool and getting the job done, this cop more than likely saved a fast-food franchise and maybe even a few jobs for the folks that work there.

In addition, not all of us live in big towns with lots of take-out alternatives.

Cops are paid to serve and protect the people and property as well, after all.

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