VIDEO: Use of Force Policy Fiasco


The negotiations between the San Francisco Police Officers Association and the Police Commission over the revisions to the Use of Force policy became stalled when the Commission declared impasse. The POA has compromised and agreed to 99% of the policy but we are insistent that our members be allowed to use appropriate force in protecting the public when confronting crazed individuals who use vehicles to inflict mass casualties.

These horrific incidents have occurred in Nice, France, this past July and most recently at Ohio State University. The Department of Homeland Security has shared vital information with law enforcement showing that terrorists are being trained to use vehicles as weapons against innocent citizens. Our officers must not be hindered when confronting these most extreme and exceptional circumstances.

The POA believes the public shares our concerns and that they want us to intervene to prevent these attacks. We produced a paid Public Service Announcement expressing our point of view. Please share this video on social media and contact Police Commission President Suzy Loftus at (415) 837-7070 or to voice your concerns. If our brother and sister officers from all over the country and Canada can call and email, that will make a huge difference.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give us.

– Marty Halloran, President, San Francisco POA




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