VIDEO: Viral Vid D-Bag

As anyone who spends any time online knows, there are a lot of 20-something morons that make a ton of money by acting like developmentally disabled toddlers on YouTube.

There was even one guy that liked to slap his kids around on camera.

They have names like Poo Tee Pie, Sam Pepper, and some Mickey Mouse Club hearthrob named Jake Paul.

Paul and his merry band of hyperactive idiots do little skits and pranks on Youtube, and have racked up more than 8,000,000 followers in the process

They like to set stuff on fire and generally make life miserable for anyone in their proximity—especially their tormented neighbors.

Anyway, in case you’re not already seething with rage about this or that, check out this spoiled, ignorant moron and try not to think about what this means for the future.

Warning! These kids can induce toxic levels of anger and or despair.

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