VIDEO: Want a Donut?

In Texas, a six-year-old boy is dreaming of becoming a cop one day.

But the kid’s six. That’s a little young for the academy.

Oliver Davis wanted to come up with a way to stay involved with police and police officers while he grows up.

So little Oliver decided to buy a Krispy Kreme franchise and serve cops for free.

Just kidding—he can’t run a business. He’s six.

But the kid looks up to cops the way other kids look up to Spider-Man or Iron Man, and he knows cops like donuts, so he’s opening his very own donut shop (think “lemonade stand”) on his street.

So, if you’re in whatever part of Texas this kid lives in (that kind of information is rarely included in these news videos), be sure to stop by and say hi.

Odds are, you’ll get a bear claw and a hug from a kid who loves cops.

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