FREE Webinar Brings Facial Recognition Into Focus

Many law enforcement agencies are now apprehensive to use facial recognition. Why? Recent claims reported in the media via the Georgetown Report and by the ACLU say that agencies with the most advanced facial recognition systems are often the least transparent because they lack robust internal audits to prevent misuse, have under trained staff, and do not have the necessary procedures in place guiding personnel on the proper use of facial recognition in law enforcement investigations.

Join Vigilant Solutions law enforcement facial recognition expert, Roger Rodriguez, for a special webinar on Thursday, July 13, from 3pm to 4pm EST as he discusses how the right checks and balances can help law enforcement facial recognition programs flourish. See how a fully integrated CJIS compliant system, with good enhancement tools and built-in auditing and reporting can assist agencies to validate or exonerate persons wanted in criminal investigations.

Learn why your agency should consider facial recognition analysis as part of your intelligence led policing strategy and why it is critical to have metrics, audits, and accountability in facial recognition systems and processes.

Topics will include:

  • The importance of reporting and annotation tools
  • Checks and balances
  • Privacy and compliance
  • Use case examples


Roger Rodriguez joined Vigilant Solutions after serving over twenty years with the NYPD where he spearheaded the NYPD’s first dedicated facial recognition unit. The unit has conducted more than 8,500 facial recognition investigations, with over 3,000 possible matches, and approximately 2,000 arrests. Roger’s enhancement techniques are now recognized worldwide and have changed the approach to law enforcement’s utilization of facial recognition technology.

NOTE: This webinar is not training for current customers. If you are a Vigilant Solutions customer and would like more information on training webinars, please follow this link.

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