Oops, Our Bad

(Photo: Facebook)

A young Virginia couple visiting New York City attacked a transit police officer, hitting him repeatedly with his own baton and choking him with the chain attached to the shield around his neck when the officer tried to arrest one of them for turnstile jumping, prosecutors charge.

Via DNAInfo.com:

Alexander Telinde, 21, hopped a turnstile, according to police, about 11:40 p.m. on April 12 at the Morgan Avenue L train stop in East Williamsburg.


A transit police officer stopped Telinde who was with his 20-year-old girlfriend, Emily Weber, according to police and posts to social media accounts, but the couple fought back.


“You’re not real cops. Those are fake badges,” Weber said, according to police.


Then Telinde grabbed the officer’s baton from his belt and hit him repeatedly over the head, on his right eye, left shoulder, across the lips and on both knees, authorities said.


He yanked at the officer’s police shield that was dangling from his neck causing the man to choke, prosecutors said.


Weber punched the battered officer in the face and then tried to run away, officials said.


The injured officer suffered a concussion, a black eye and a lump on his head, following the attack, prosecutors said.


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