Kindness Is Key


It’s easy to get bogged down in negativity these days.

Between most of the presidential candidates’ negative and highly charged rhetoric and daily news stories about crime spikes and problems with police and the public, lots of us feel overwhelmed by the pure negativity corporate media spits out at us.

It’s during times like these that people can really help themselves out by reminding themselves to get the hell out of the CNN/FOX swamp.

Here’s the thing: there’s plenty of good news out there. But the kind of stuff that makes people smile or might give them a sense of hope just doesn’t get the ratings that come with headlines like “Is your laundry detergent killing you?”

We will click on that because, let’s face it, we’re just not very hard to manipulate when it comes to getting us to push a button or click a mouse.

We’re much less likely to click on a story about a sheriff’s office, or about the people that work there, or about what they think policing is all about and what they do what they do for the community.

But we really should.

Because spending our limited number of days in this life consumed with fear and anger is really no way to live, no matter how much money Rupert Murdoch or Les Moonves make as a result.


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