Ways to pass the time while quarantining at home on your day off

  1. Has your department’s Facebook page been lacking funny content in light of these challenging times? Scour the internet for memes to keep the community — and yourself — upbeat.
  2. Being out in the field is rarely stress-free, especially in these times. Start your rest day with a few minutes of meditation in order to clear your head and relax your mind.
  3. Go on a Netflix binge. Seriously, you deserve it.
  4. Looking to scratch your sports itch? NFL fans can watch any game from this past decade for free on gamepass.nfl.com until the end of May.
  5. While you definitely want to rest on your day off, it’s still important to move around, whether that means helping your significant other with chores or doing a home workout.
  6. Reintroduce yourself to your pillow and bed while you shoot for a solid eight hours of much-deserved sleep.
  7. Check in on your fellow brothers and sisters in blue from other departments and see how they’re holding up. Have they had any luck finding toilet paper? Now’s your time to ask!
  8. Surprise your family (and maybe yourself, too) by cooking breakfast or dinner. If things don’t go as planned, there should be some frozen meals in the freezer you can heat up.
  9. Did the concert you were planning to go to last month get canceled? A quick YouTube search should net plenty of results of your favorite band performing live. You’ll be rocking in no time!
  10. Most importantly, stay safe! Relax as much as possible and enjoy your time off with the ones you love.

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