Weirdest coronavirus crimes

  1. An actor who had small roles in movies such as Moneyball and Iron Man 3 was arrested on accusations that he touted a phony cure to COVID-19.
  2. Law enforcement officers in Missouri arrested a man accused of filming himself licking deodorant in a local Walmart.
  3. A Wisconsin woman “protested” the coronavirus by licking the door handles of a grocery store freezer, police said.
  4. The “Sorry, officer, I have coronavirus” excuse was used by shoplifters in Ohio and California after both suspects were accused of stealing food and energy drinks.
  5. An arrest warrant was made by Michigan police after a man in a makeshift mask made from thong underwear beat up his friend during an argument. That’s what happens when you don’t get enough fresh air!
  6. Prosecutors charged a California grocery store owner with nine misdemeanor counts of price gouging after several items were increased by as much as 300%.
  7. A Texas resident was arrested for posting a threat to Facebook in which he stated, “My homeboys cousin has covid19 and has licked everything for past 2 days cause we paid him too.”
  8. An Oklahoma woman was arrested for shooting a McDonald’s worker and injuring others after she was told to leave the closed dining area.
  9. After accusing his mother of hiding toilet paper, a California son punched his mother, police said. The mom accused her son of using too much of it.
  10. A Texas teenager was arrested after posting several Snapchat videos showing her threating to spread COVID-19. Reminder: social media can be used against you!

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