Killer Be Killed


Usually when a murder takes place, there’s very little in the way of any details that could be described as fortunate.

But authorities say the man a woman recently killed in self-defense might have actually saved lives.

According to NBC News:

“Neal Falls, the Oregon man who may be linked to 10 or more missing or murdered women, was carrying a list of six other women when he was killed last week by a West Virginia sex worker, police said Monday.

Charleston, West Virginia, police released a Post-It-like note they found in Falls’ pocket July 18 after the sex worker, who hasn’t been publicly identified, shot him with his own gun as he tried to strangle her. A copy of the note was obtained by NBC station WSAZ of Charleston.”

Needless to say, it’s not every day a victim manages to wrestle a firearm away from a suspected serial killer and survive.


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