Nazis Seem Worried

Via The Hartford Courant:

Police are trying to find the source of white supremacy flyers that Westport residents have been finding outside their homes.


Calling the literature “disturbing,” “inflammatory” and “hateful,” police and town officials said Monday that they have asked area police departments to help with the investigation.


The town also is working with the Anti-Defamation League to help identify the person or people who made the flyers and to seek ways to stop such leafleting, Lt. David Farrell said in a press release.


Without disclosing the contents of the message, Chief Foti Koskinas said police recognize the concern — and alarm — the flyers may cause.


“We are working diligently to determine who is responsible, and look further into the motive,” he said.


Westport blogger Dan Woog posted a photo of one of the flyers — which he called “disturbing” — to his page, 06880.


Over an illustration of a white man, it states, “Within the next 40 years, our people and our culture will be completely erased. Thousands of years of toil and sacrifice will have been in vain because we failed to protect our heritage. Will you find the courage to stand up before it is too late?”


The flyer also contains links to neo-Nazi and white supremacy websites.


Andy Friedland, assistant director of the Connecticut ADL, confirmed that is investigating the same flyer as on Woog’s blog.


In similar cases, such as the posting of “White Lives Matter” flyers, police have told the Connecticut ADL that perpetrators may face only a littering charge, Friedland said.


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