Who’s in charge?

Describing the lack of urgency and action at the federal level regarding the opioid crisis as outrageous would be charitable.

The first “Opioid Czar,” was supposed to be White House spokesperson Kelly Ann Conway. Then it was supposed to be some 24-year-old think tank kid with zero experience.

So if you’re struggling with the crisis in your jurisdiction, like they are in Rochester New York, you’re going to have to figure out what to do on your own.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is doing their best but there’s a lack of coordination- there’s no one running the show.

“They’ll see what occurred in the last 24-48 hours,” said Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter. “We identified an incident commander and we look at this data every morning, the DA, the Rochester Police Department, Sheriff’s Office and Gates Police Department are all involved right now.”

Baxter says what they need is a point man, or woman.

“It’s a lack of a quarterback if you will, and that’s what we’re lacking in the neighborhood here. These are great people doing wonderful things but we have no real central focus of where we’re going,” said Baxter. “We need to say that’s the person in charge, that’s the person who gives us hope that we can win this battle, that’s the person who gives us directions where and when we are going to use these resources.”

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