Wilmington police officers trim overgrown shrubs for World War II veteran

Two Massachusetts police officers went above and beyond for a local veteran who was in desperate need of some landscaping help.

Wilmington Officer Dan Furbush, the town’s traffic officer, received complaints from residents about overgrown shrubbery near a busy intersection that made it difficult for drivers and pedestrians to see oncoming traffic.

When Furbush and his field trainee, Officer Michael DiLorenzo, went to investigate, they discovered the shrubs belong to a 93-year-old World War II veteran.

“He was understanding of the complaint but, in his condition, he was unable to do anything about it,” Furbush said.

That’s when the two officers decided to cut the bushes back themselves while they were off the clock and got the job done in two hours.

“It’s something we don’t normally do, but it solved not only a veteran’s problem, (but also) a community problem and a traffic complaint,” Furbush said. “It worked out great for everybody.”

“I knew there was an aspect where we tried to help the community as best as we could, and an opportunity arose,” said DiLorenzo, who is only in his second week on the job. “He’s an awesome man. He had a lot of great stories to tell and he was extremely thankful that we were able to help him out.”

Furbush and DiLorenzo did receive some help with the landscaping work from the Veterans Affairs Office.

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