Cops Talk Sex


One of the ways people jam themselves up with their boss or their friends is by forgetting that a Facebook page is essentially the same as a television network or a radio station—a.k.a., a broadcast medium.

So, sometimes, when people are actually talking to the planet instead of their FB “friends,” they lose their cyber-situational awareness and post stuff they’d never say in public.

In Winnipeg, Canada, for instance, it wasn’t social media that put cops and their agency in the hot seat—it was the P.A. system in a police helicopter.

The cops in the chopper did not realize they were blasting the extremely raunchy conversation until they’d landed.

Residents, however, were disturbed by the chatter.

“We paused to listen and were shocked by what we heard,” said a Winnipeg-based cellist. “It was a hilarious and inappropriate human-blooper moment. I rarely tweet, but this moment seemed too bizarre not to share.”

The agency has since apologized on Twitter.


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