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Via Cleveland’s FOX Channel 8 News: PARMA, OH — A Parma resident filed a federal civil rights complaint alleging that Parma, two of its police officers, and an as-yet-unidentified law-enforcement agent at the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force violated his First Amendment right to criticize police.   Attorney Subodh Chandra, filed the suit


Cop Killed in Shootout

Via ABC News: A Louisiana man is accused of shooting a cashier and then killing the police officer who was sent to investigate, authorities said Monday.   Ian Paul Howard, 28, of Lafayette also is accused of wounding a second person and attempting to kill a second police officer, officials said.   Howard was arrested

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Cop Girl Rules!

Via App.com: BRICK — Seven-year-old Morgan Blann idolizes police officers and hopes to someday join their ranks.   But with years left before that can become reality, this Midstreams Elementary second-grader is already working hard to help police departments.   Weeks ago, Morgan sacrificed birthday presents from her seventh birthday party and asked her friends


Time To Stop the Finger Pointing

by Daryl Turner In the wake of protests and demonstrations of unity at NFL games and the President’s fueling the controversy, a new police organization, created to break down barriers between law enforcement and the communities they serve, is calling for a real discussion to solve the issues being raised. The United Coalition of Public

Believe it or not

VIDEO: Need a Laugh?

There have been arrests (or, in this case, apprehensions) caught on video that have almost been too funny to be believed. One of the more memorable ones was from the show COPS, which featured a cop trying to keep it together while arresting an incredibly acrobatic little person on the Las Vegas strip. In this video,


ACLU: Detective’s Right to Free Speech Was Violated

by Brianna Dunn The American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island is suing the Johnston Police Department on behalf of Detective James Brady, an 18-year veteran of the force who is now retired. Brady was working as president of the local International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO) union representing officers with the Johnston Police Dept.

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Blackinton Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means Blackinton is once again showing its support by spotlighting its pink products. You are seeing it correctly: Blackinton can finish its popular FlexBadges pink as well. Blackinton has the original pink police and fire badges—a line it launched in 2012. With your help, the company has raised


If Things Go Bad, You Need a Plan

Thinking about an unexpected, life-changing event can be unsettling. But death or illness can happen at any time, especially when you’re in law enforcement. Unfortunately, most of us do not make the plans we should and younger people sometimes go years before they plan. So what does it take to get people to sit down and

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The Top 10 Signs You’re Getting Ripped Off

10. You’re a tax-paying American citizen. 9. The guy at the auto dealership is charging you a finder’s fee for a car that’s on the lot. (Love that Seinfeld episode!) 8. No one seems all that impressed with your degree from Trump University. 7. A “mixologist” (as opposed to a bartender) spent 12 minutes making