On the job

Handling Disabled Protestors

Ed. note: Excellent work by the Capitol Police officers, who were forced by federal prosecutors yesterday to remove disabled protestors. Dealing with protestors is always a challenge, but when they are in wheelchairs and suffering from serious health problems, it can be extremely difficult. Via Time: U.S. Capitol Police forcibly removed demonstrators and disability advocates


Here’s Your Bike!

Via WSLS.com: (Virginia) — A Henry County sheriff’s deputy went above and beyond the call of duty to help a little girl after someone stole the girl’s bicycle on June 14.   When the deputy found out the family couldn’t afford to replace it, he decided to replace it for them.   Alexis Jenkins, 4,

Off Duty

Jeff’s Safe Spaces

Via Vice: Prosecutors are proceeding in the case against a 61-year-old protester who was arrested for laughing during Attorney General Jeff Session’s confirmation hearings, the Huffington Post reports.   Desiree Fairooz, a seasoned activist affiliated with the well-known group Code Pink, apparently chuckled in disbelief when Alabama Senator Richard Shelby testified that the man tapped


Talking Technology? NYPD Has It Down

**AMERICAN POLICE BEAT SPECIAL REPORT** Eagle-eyed NYPD Transit officers arrested a man wanted for a Brooklyn burglary pattern after they recognized him from a photo that was distributed on their Department issued smartphones. Last month Sergeant Hayes along with Police Officers Patel and Bereznyak were on patrol when they noticed a man walking along a

Believe it or not

Another Phony Cop

Via WTOP.com: Police in Montgomery County (MD) want to know if residents interacted with a teen trying to pass himself off as a police officer.   “I was shocked at his demeanor and his boldness,” said Fourth District Commander Laura Lanham. “It really does give me pause.”   Police arrested 19-year-old Philip Jonathan Ross (above),


You’re Not Welcome

Via WTNH News: As Florida Governor Rick Scott campaigns in Connecticut to tell Connecticut businesses why they should consider moving to his state, the Connecticut State Police Union says he should go home because his priority should be the weekend on-duty death of a Florida State Trooper.   Scott is in Norwalk today where the

Partners in the News

Meet America’s New Favorite Police Vehicle

Ed. Note: Congratulations to Ford Motor Company for being the maker of the best-selling police vehicle in the United States! New figures from sales tracking firm IHS Market show that the SUV version of Ford’s Police Interceptor—a modified Explorer—just crossed the 50% market share threshold for the first time since it was introduced in 2012.


That’s Just Sad

Ed. note: People probably don’t remember who Jeh Johnson is, but he’s the former United States Secretary of Homeland Security. The DHS continues to be a totally chaotic and massive bureaucracy in which no one really seems to know what they’re doing. For instance, DHS says there was no Russian hacking around the recent election.

APB Top 10

The Top 10 Signs It’s the Middle Of Summer

10. You wish global warning was a hoax, but it’s 101 degrees at 4:30 a.m. in Portland, Oregon. 9. You lost it and threatened the weather man from the local news station with “making terroristic threats” after he said, “Sorry, folks, looks like this heat wave is just getting started.” 8. You Googled “How hot does it have