On the job

DOJ Blue Alerts

Via Breitbart: The Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) jointly announced the rollout of a “Blue Alert” program mandated by Congress in 2014 at a press conference Friday.   The National Blue Alert Network will work similarly to the more well-known AMBER Alert system. Instead of missing children, Blue


Hero K-9 Recovering

Via CBS News: A heroic police dog that was shot in the line of duty is heading home, one day after taking a bullet for his partner in South Florida.   K-9 Officer Casper “has done wonderful[ly]” and “is walking fairly well, all things considered,” veterinarian Michele Tucker said in a video released by the

Off Duty

Everyone Needs Sleep, Especially Cops

By Brian T. McVey Are you that officer who shows up to work thinking you are “Officer Friendly when your spouse or co-workers say you are a lot more like “Officer Tired and Cranky?” One reason is that you are probably working long hours, different shifts and side jobs while not getting enough sleep. Sleep


Best Of Luck

Via The Hill: D.C. Metropolitan Chief of Police Peter Newsham called Tuesday’s attacks on protesters at the Turkish ambassador’s residence in Washington “brutal.”   “Yesterday afternoon we witnessed what appeared to be a brutal attack on peaceful protesters at the Turkish ambassador’s residence in the 1600 block of 23rd St. NW,” he said Wednesday at

Believe it or not

Yeah…That’s Illegal

Via IndyStar: Indiana’s two largest police departments both want drones; one for crowd surveillance at major gatherings Downtown, the other to monitor traffic at events such as the Indiana State Fair.   There’s just one problem. Both uses appear to be against the law in Indiana.   As the cost of drones drops and police


Agency In Disarray

Via The Gazette: For years Delores Hiltz railed about shoddy work by Fremont County sheriff’s investigators after her 17-year-old daughter’s body was found stuffed under a bed in their Cañon City-area home.   The grieving mother couldn’t understand why detectives left a quilt she says her daughter “bled out on” after being nearly decapitated by

Partners in the News

Point Blank Proudly Supports Reserve & Auxiliary Officers

The future of reserve law enforcement is one of growth and Point Blank understands the importance of its mission. Reserve law enforcement officers are our neighbors, friends and relatives. They are exposed to the same hazards as full time officers and deserve to wear the finest body armor available. Their desire to safeguard our communities


FLSA Pay Ruling: Use Cash, Not Benefits

From our friends at the law firm Rains Lucia Stern St. Phalle & Silver, PC, in California: “On June 2, 2016, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal provided clarity with respect to the overtime compensation of employees who receive supplemental cash payments in lieu of employer-paid health benefits. As many employers have transitioned to flexible

APB Top 10

The Top 10 Signs Your Mother-in-law Is In Town

10. You weren’t planning on re-deploying to Afghanistan, but it’s gotta be better than this. 9. Does anyone have any freakin’ Xanax? It’s an emergency! 8. You’ve decided on repeating the phrase, “That’s right, Karen, I’m the a-hole.” 7. Between the wife and the old bag, there’s no longer room for even your toothbrush in the bathroom.