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Sheriff Vs. Councilman

Via WSPA.com: In South Carolina, the Spartanburg County Council meeting got a little heated after words were exchanged between County Councilman David Britt and Sheriff Candidate Russell Lynch.   Lynch addressed County Council during the public comments section, discussing a study on Spartanburg County police pay. The study was set to be given to council



Cops Honored

Via The OutsideGame.com: While the NFL put the kibosh on the Cowboys paying tribute to the officers slain over the summer, the Dallas Stars honored the fallen in their season opener, wearing decals on their helmets and having the families of Dallas police Sgt. Michael Smith and DART officer Brent Thompson participate in a ceremonial

Off Duty


Divisive Choice

Via ABC News: A national police organization’s endorsement of Donald Trump has exposed a divide within the ranks of law enforcement: Can they support someone who calls himself the law-and-order candidate but was caught on tape bragging about sexually predatory behavior toward women?   And what about Trump antagonizing the very minority communities that police



Cooler Heads Wanted

In case you haven’t noticed, many people in leadership positions are using increasingly incendiary language for political purposes and gain. In Maine, for instance, the soon-to-be ex-governor Paul Lepage said the following in reference to efforts to slightly increase the minimum wage: “To me when you go out and kill somebody, you go to jail. Well,

Believe it or not


VIDEO: Cop Goes Viral

@NSHSWolverines @nshs_2017 #PepRally #SENIORS2017 pic.twitter.com/0xkFACUMOA — Lino Romo Reyes (@imxlino) October 14, 2016 Via People magazine: Deuntay Diggs may be a police officer by day, but we’re pretty sure he’s qualified to be a Beyoncé a backup dancer by night!   The Virginia police officer is becoming an internet sensation—and high school hero—after giving a



FBI Has No Clue

Via CNN: FBI Director James Comey told a gathering of police chiefs that people who think there’s an epidemic of police shootings of black people aren’t well-informed.   He touched on a theme he has pursued for more than a year: trying to get police to embrace the need to report statistics on officer-involved shootings.



The Unthinkable May Come to Pass

By all accounts, Dallas Police Department’s pension fund is in a bad way. Rumors that the fund could become insolvent are rampant and there have been scores of retirements including the Chief, David Brown, and the president of the union, Ron Pinkston. The crisis comes as the Dallas Police Department negotiates with City Hall to

APB Top 10


Top 10 Signs You Failed the Sergeant’s Exam

1. ABACADABRA 2. You wear a T-shirt with pride that reads “Reading is for losers!” 3. When a colleague asked if you had “studied,” you had to look up the word’s meaning. 4. Someone’s asking questions about the 20-minute bathroom break that was taken by about two-thirds of the applicants. 5. The sample test you