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App Flap

When it comes to police and social media apps, things move very quickly. For instance, after two NYPD officers were shot and killed by an armed assailant, officials suggested that an app called “Waze” might have helped the cop-killer find his targets. There was a lot of controversy after the murders. But that’s since died



Show Your Support: WEAR BLUE

By John Thompson, Deputy Executive Director, National Sheriffs’ Association We have lost FIVE law enforcement officers and one additional officer, who will most likely not survive. Just minutes ago, another officer was shot and is on the way to the hospital in critical condition. All in 3 days! This is a sad week for law enforcement.

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More Like Him

Another kid has skipped his birthday in order to throw a party for demoralized cops. This is one trend that’s catching on, and we love it! From the Lansing State Journal: “Los Angeles Police Officer Gary Hall flew across the country this week to be thanked for his sacrifice by a boy who chose a



VIDEO: Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Fumble

By Marc Debbaudt Celebrities, by the very nature of the attention they attract, have built-in bully pulpits. They most often use them to shed light on honorable causes encompassing everything from disease and world hunger to animal rights and anti-bullying campaigns. At times, however, their activism is misguided. A case in point is singer Beyoncé

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Watcha Gonna Do?

There are two reasons why people tune into the reality television program COPS. The first is that people who are interested in what cops actually do on the job think the show can give them a close-up view. But the vast majority tune in for another reason altogether: the all-you-can-eat buffet of pathetic losers and



Video Leads to Discipline

After a controversial use of force related to a noise complaint at an apartment complex, some of the officers involved are facing punishment from their agency. In a newly released video, Tuscaloosa officers are seen using a Taser stun gun and baton on students during a noise complaint. The department’s chief has announced that disciplinary

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Streamlight’s Latest Bright Idea

The high-performance lighting experts at Streamlight® Inc. are beaming about their new Super Siege® LED lantern, a brilliant 1,100 lumen rechargeable light that’s one of the brightest on the market. Ideal for large-scale scene lighting needed by first-responders, the Super Siege also functions as an auxiliary USB power source to charge personal electronic devices. Its



Police Pensions Saved—For Now

The San Jose Police Officers Association has been fighting Chuck Reed’s efforts to destroy pensions for over a decade; the cost has been high, but they are winning the war. Law enforcement officers, teachers, and anyone else who has chosen a life of public service working for California towns, cities, states, and counties are rejoicing.

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The Top 10 Signs You Hired the Wrong Lawyer

1. You met him just as he lost a heated argument with a UPS guy dropping off a package. 2. You ask about a payment plan, and he asks you if you have keys to the evidence room. 3. Judges refer to her as Queen of the Snakes. 4. Starts his closing argument with “Ladies