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Suspect Is a…

Generally speaking “White male, brown hair, average height average build,” is really not that much to go on. But every once in a while, life makes things easy for us. In New York City, police are on the lookout for a robber that held up a bank on Staten Island. Here’s the description: “Suspect is



VIDEO: Proof Positive

“Cops run towards the gunfire while everyone else is running in the other direction.” You hear that a lot—mostly because it’s true. The quote is the kind of thing politicians can use to paint themselves as “law and order” candidates. But does everyone believe it’s actually true? Of course not, because they haven’t seen it

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Cops’ Kids

Via the Huffington Post: In the distance, they begin to hear the quiet roar of his Tahoe rolling over the gravel. Within moments they can feel the pound of his leather boots walking up the steps to our house. The creak of the front door is quickly followed by the crackling of Velcro as he


We would also like to recognize all of the Officers who have come from agencies from all over the State of Louisiana to provide support for the Baton Rouge Police Department. Your assistance and camaraderie has proven that we truly are all "family."

Baton Rouge Police Union: We Are Grieving

Sunday, July 17, 2016…A day we will never forget. The day three of our own brothers were gunned down in a senseless act of cowardice. They may be gone, but will never be forgotten. Mathew Gerald, Montrell Jackson and Brad Garafola are true heroes. Please join us in praying for their families and the speedy

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VIDEO: Russians Be Like…

It’s a mad, mad world. And with all the cameras and phones out there, a lot of the craziness is captured and posted to the internet. Like this video of a Russian guy, for instance. He appears to get shot—twice. But the rounds barely slowed the guy down as he tried to disassemble the car



Protecting Police

Ed. Note: Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s released his proposed Police Protection Act in a statement to FOX News. Read some of the statement below. Governor Greg Abbott today announced an effort to strengthen penalties for crimes committed against law enforcement officers – the Police Protection Act.   “At a time when law enforcement officers increasingly

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Book Excerpt: “A Cop’s Eyes”

American Police Beat is pleased to bring you an excerpt from the new crime novel “A Cop’s Eyes,” by author Gaku Yakumaru. Find it wherever books are sold, or at www.vertical-inc.com. Here’s a note from the author: The novel’s protagonist is called Nobuhito Natsume. In Japan, Nobuhito is a fairly popular first name, written with the


Officers from the Minneapolis Police Department may soon be required to carry professional liability insurance. (Photo: Facebook)

Insurance Claim

A measure that would require police officers to carry professional liability insurance could be on Minneapolis ballots in November’s general election. Via the Star Tribune: Members of the Committee for Professional Policing, a local police accountability group, plan to deliver about 12,000 petition signatures to the city clerk on Thursday. If enough of those signatures

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The Top 10 Signs You Have a Drinking Problem

1. Your regular bartender greets you with a look that’s half elation and half pity. 2. This weekend’s haul from empty Budweiser cans? $230. 3. Your liver wants a divorce. 4. You woke up without pants three counties away holding a Styrofoam trident. 5. The standard five Jager-bombs just isn’t getting the job done. 6.