On the job

Hazardous Workplace

Via the L.A. Times: Soon after Donna Wheeler became a detective at the Southeast Community Police Station, which serves Watts and surrounding areas, she started having trouble breathing.   Her respiratory problems were worse at the end of a workday, she said. When she was on vacation, her symptoms improved. Her doctor diagnosed her with


VIDEO: Cop’s Dramatic Rescue

A Spokane, Washington, police officer is being credited with saving a woman’s life after pulling her from her burning car over the weekend. Officials said the woman called 911 around 10:00 p.m. saying she was trapped in her burning car on North Cannon Street near North Ridgeview Place. She said she was trying to kick

Off Duty

Toxic Boss Syndrome

Via Medical Daily: Not only are bad bosses difficult to deal with, but their behavior also rubs off on those around them.   That was the message a University of Manchester research team presented at the British Psychological Society’s annual conference of the Division of Occupational Psychology in Liverpool.   According to a statement from


VIDEO: Debate Takes On Police-Race Issue

This week Rains Lucia Stern Attorney Harry Stern and distinguished author Heather Mac Donald teamed up on Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates, the world’s premier forum for debate and intellectual discussion, to argue against the motion that policing in America is racially biased. Intelligence Squared U.S. is a non-profit debate series broadcasted across the country via

Believe it or not

Lawsuit Shocker

Via FOX News: Lawyers for a Dallas police officer filed a federal civil suit late Tuesday against Twitter, Facebook and Google for allegedly providing “material support” to the Palestinian militant group Hamas and purportedly helping radicalize Micah Johnson, the Army veteran who killed five police officers and wounded nine others in an ambush last July.


Cops Nab Predator

Via the Washington Post: President-elect Donald Trump ran his 2016 campaign, in part, as a tweet-from-the-hip response to political correctness — a censoring groupthink which, to its detractors, demands arcane gender pronouns and the complete annihilation of “Merry Christmas.”   In June, in the aftermath of the massacre at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, Donald Trump issued

Partners in the News

Armor Express Lands $2M Contract

If you are at the SHOT Show, visit Armor Express at booth number 31103. Armor Express is pleased to announce it has been awarded more than $2 million in new and add-on contracts from two international law enforcement agencies, specifically the Jamaican Constabulary Force and a large municipal police department in Jalisco, Mexico. The Jamaica Constabulary


Officers Leaving in Droves

Via the NY Daily News: More NYPD cops are putting in their papers and retiring early according to the city’s largest police union.   Citing data from the New York City Police Pension Fund, officials with the PBA of New York City said 506 officers resigned from the 35,000-member force in 2016 — about a

APB Top 10

The Top 10 Signs Your Mother-in-law Is In Town

10. You weren’t planning on re-deploying to Afghanistan, but it’s gotta be better than this. 9. Does anyone have any freakin’ Xanax? It’s an emergency! 8. You’ve decided on repeating the phrase, “That’s right, Karen, I’m the a-hole.” 7. Between the wife and the old bag, there’s no longer room for even your toothbrush in the bathroom.