On the job

Bill Endangers Officers

Via AL.com: Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning is urging citizens to oppose a bill introduced in the state legislature this month that he said would threaten the safety of law enforcement officers.   The bill, sponsored by Sen. Gerald Allen, R-Tuscaloosa, would repeal five handgun restrictions. Among those restrictions to be repealed are carrying a


K-9 Inspires Decade-long Effort

By Bobby Egbert, Port Authority PBA Recently, Sarah Bartolett donated a K-9 protective body armor vest to the Port Authority Police Department K-9 Unit in New York. Sarah, a 23-year-old student at Boston University completing an Occupational Therapy master’s degree, grew up in Bridgewater, NJ, which she still calls home. Sarah’s desire to protect police K-9s

Off Duty

Facebook Suicides Rising

Via the Santa Fe Reporter: The Santa Fe Police Department’s internal affairs unit on Monday opened an investigation of the local police union president for incendiary posts shared on his Facebook page, including memes disparaging Muslims, African Americans and the transgender community.   The investigation comes after SFR emailed Police Chief Patrick Gallagher seven screenshots


Chiefs to Trump

Via FOX News: A central tenet of President Trump’s campaign was restoring “law and order” to our country. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has pledged to do the same. Last week, the president spoke to law enforcement and signed three executive orders to reduce crime.   We are grateful the president has expressed strong support for

Believe it or not

Cops and Homework

Via CBS News: When Molly Draper found out her 10-year-old daughter, Lena, messaged the local police department on Facebook requesting help with her math homework, she couldn’t believe it.   Not only that: they actually responded.   Lena sent a message to the Marion, Ohio, Police Department’s Facebook page last week, explaining that she was


Déjà Vu, Again

Ed. note: For the uninformed, it must seem like an insurrection. Federal officials and politicians trying to get the cops to do ICE’s job for them without compensation are shocked that local law enforcement professionals remember exactly what happened with 287G the first time around. And since it’s an old idea that was poorly thought

Partners in the News

Deputies Association Hires New PR Exec

Ed Note: Law enforcement associations are engaged in a life and death battle for positive PR. Most agree the best way to accomplish that is to hire a pro and that is exactly what the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs has done. If your association or union is beefing up its PR effort so


Sin Tax Funding

Via WPDS Local 6 News: Mayfield, KY — The first of four liquor stores coming to Mayfield has opened, and the Mayfield Police Department is reaping the benefits.   A percent of the taxes paid by customers and license fees paid by the owners goes straight to the police department. Mayfield Police Chief Nathan Kent

APB Top 10

The Top 10 Signs Your Mother-in-law Is In Town

10. You weren’t planning on re-deploying to Afghanistan, but it’s gotta be better than this. 9. Does anyone have any freakin’ Xanax? It’s an emergency! 8. You’ve decided on repeating the phrase, “That’s right, Karen, I’m the a-hole.” 7. Between the wife and the old bag, there’s no longer room for even your toothbrush in the bathroom.