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No Give-Backs

From the National Sheriffs Association: The White House announced the government would no longer provide equipment like helicopters and MRAPs to local law enforcement. Surplus gear—purchased for billions with taxpayer money and desperately needed by law enforcement agencies—will be scrapped. Helicopters rescue runaways and natural disaster victims, and MRAPs are used to respond to shooters



Rex Needs a Home

A 9-year-old police dog named Rex is ready to retire from the force. That presents a quandary for the Albuquerque, N.M., police department: what to do with a devoted and capable dog whose law enforcement training makes it a challenge to find him a new home? In announcing Rex’s retirement Monday, the department also outlined

Off Duty


Fear and Loathing in the LAPD

Award-winning author Joe Domanick’s critically acclaimed new book, Blue: The LAPD and the Battle to Redeem American Policing, chronicles how the reforms begun by Chief Bill Bratton, and continued by his successor Charlie Beck, have changed the behavior of rank-and-file cops—and raises the question of whether LA’s experience offers lessons for other law enforcement agencies


"If people could see what my eyes have seen, they would understand what the few do for so many. People would be so proud of these flawed yet extraordinary human beings who give so much hope and protection to the defenseless." - Mike Parker

The Heart Behind the Badge

A 31-year veteran officer with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department put into words what so many officers experience. The impact has been profound. CBS News recently did a feature piece on Mike’s essay. We watched it several times and came away convinced that this was one of the most positive and effective efforts we

Believe it or not


He’s In the Drink!

Most of the time, when people are trying to evade law enforcement in a vehicle, there comes a point where the rational individual realizes escape is a lost cause and stops driving. But sometimes they just won’t quit. In Australia recently, a man wanted by police eluded them during a wild pursuit. At one point,



No Revenue

One of the interesting things average Americans learned after the controversy in Ferguson, Missouri, last year was just how much municipalities and the police agencies therein have come to rely on fees and fines to make payroll, compensate workers for overtime, and keep the lights on. To some degree, this is the case in a

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Tactical Boots That are Comfortable? Thanks, Blauer!

Wondering where you can find tactical boots that are actually comfortable? Well, look no longer. Blauer is proud to announce that the new 4” STRIKE shoe is now in stock and available through participating authorized distributors and online at blauer.com. The shoe builds upon Blauer’s successful line of footwear for law enforcement, fire, and emergency



Ka-Ching! 10K Bonus

By Cynthia Brown Fresno, California, Police Chief Jerry Dyer is offering $10,000 signing bonuses for qualified candidates. Dyer’s also offering anyone that can put butts in chairs a cool grand—so long as the butt in the chair belongs to someone that eventually signs on. The City Council recently approved a deal that pays a $10,000

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The Top 10 Signs You’re Being Lied To

1. He or she is a career politician who says “government is the problem.” 2. They use the phrase “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 3. “You look better than you did 10 years ago,” if said by your loving and faithful spouse. 4. Anything said by a mechanic during inspection season. 5. They