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Cops’ Rights

One of the issues being looked at more closely than in times gone by are special legal protections for officers contained in Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights legislation. In Baltimore, a legislative panel is looking at the law, known as LEOBR, to see if there are any changes that need to be made. The



Talked Him Down

One of the things you rarely hear about when it comes to armed standoffs or barricaded suspects are the professionals charged with talking a would-be shooter into giving themselves up. But when an armed kid takes a whole high school hostage, a good negotiator can mean the difference between mass carnage and a positive outcome.

Off Duty


Kids Get a Look at LE

In New Jersey, almost two dozen kids learned what it’s like to be a police officer last week when Riverdale Police Department hosted its annual junior police academy. Over the course of the five-day program, 21 kids were given a whirlwind glimpse into the world of law enforcement, an experience that included demonstrations by K-9


Jonathan Thompson, executive director of the National Sheriffs’ Association

Time for PEP Talk on Immigration

By Jonathan Thompson and Sheriff A.J. Louderback Ed. Note: National Sheriffs’ Association officials met with the Homeland Security Department’s deputy secretary in Washington, DC, last week to plead for DHS to fix the catch and release system that too often allows illegal immigrants with a rap sheet back on the streets. The article below was

Believe it or not


Pokey Plot Foiled

Sometimes the stuff in the news is so weird, it’s hard to even understand. In Boston recently, cops may have avoided mass bloodshed after busting two men attending a Pokemon convention in Beantown. Pokemon, of course, the hugely popular trading card game full of crazy cute characters that also appear in video games, cartoons, and about a



Drone Attack on LAPD Copter

A man who allegedly flew a drone in a manner that forced a Los Angeles police helicopter pilot to take evasive action above Hollywood was facing possible prosecution today for interfering with police work, authorities said. According to L.A.’s Fox 11 News, the operator, a man in his 40s, and his drone were about a

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Last Chance! Train with Active Duty Navy SEALs/SWCCs

The Gracie Academy would like to announce an exceptional opportunity for U.S. Law Enforcement officers! October 12-16, 2015 the US Navy SEALs/SWCCs will be opening their doors for U.S. based Law Enforcement officers. This is a rare opportunity to train with active duty Navy SEALs/ SWCCs on their base in Coronado. The Navy SEALs/SWCCs will



Deal Reached!

San Jose city leaders took a big step Tuesday in repairing the damage caused by the so-called pension reform measure, Measure B: The city council approved an agreement with the police and firefighters unions, which replaced some of the severe benefits cuts and restored pay. Police and firefighters have already ratified the agreement, which will

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The Top 10 Signs You’re Being Lied To

1. He or she is a career politician who says “government is the problem.” 2. They use the phrase “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 3. “You look better than you did 10 years ago,” if said by your loving and faithful spouse. 4. Anything said by a mechanic during inspection season. 5. They