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Cop Killer Arrested

Via the Orlando Sentinel: Hours before he was arrested in the shooting deaths of two Kissimmee police officers Friday night, Everett Glenn Miller posted photos online of a home and the tall grass surrounding it.   “I Found My Castle,” he wrote just before 6 p.m. “All guards have desserted. [sic] I have to reinforce


Outstanding Work, BPD!

Via The Hill: Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said on Saturday that the vast majority of people who came out to protest a conservative free speech rally were there “for the right reason.”   “Ninety-nine point nine percent of the people here were here for the right reason, and that’s to fight bigotry and hate

Off Duty

Seattle PD Trolls Alex Jones

Via Law Newz: The Seattle Police Department had a little fun at Alex Jones’ expense recently.   While the hobby is nothing new–even in Seattle–it may mark the first time a police department has taken time off from defending property and privilege to troll the popular conspiracy theorist who is largely known for claiming the


We Condemn Nazis and White Supremacists

By Daryl Turner As Nazis and white supremacists continue to plague our communities with marches and protests, let us be clear that we condemn their actions, beliefs, and rhetoric. What happened in Charlottesville last weekend was despicable and deplorable. It was an act of domestic terrorism. As law enforcement officers, we work hard every day

Believe it or not

He’s Scared, She Ain’t

Via Raw Story: In wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, one North Carolina woman was inspired to speak out against someone flying a Nazi flag she saw in Mount Holly in Gaston County.   Page Braswell told The News & Observer that she couldn’t remain silent after seeing the violence in Virginia. She didn’t


Sheriff’s Tactics Criticized

Via WARL.com: Durham, N.C. — The Durham County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday responded to social media backlash concerning the way they handled the possibility of a white supremacist rally in the city on Friday.   Attorneys Scott Holmes, who is representing several protesters who were arrested last week in connection with the vandalism of a

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Talking Body Armor: We’ve Come a Long Way

By Mitch Soper Law enforcement and military personnel rely on body armor, shields, and armored blankets for protection in high-risk situations. Some of us wear body armor on a daily basis and many of us know someone whose life was saved by their armor. During my years of service in both the military and law


Cops Use Video to Go for Pay Raise

Shreveport Police Pay Issue | No More Excuses from Shreveport POA on Vimeo. The Shreveport Police Officers Association is continuing to fight for pay raises for Shreveport officers. This time, they took to social media, releasing a video asking for “No Excuses.” The Shreveport police posted this video, requesting better leadership and pay raises for officers. The

APB Top 10

The Top 10 Signs You’re Getting Ripped Off

10. You’re a tax-paying American citizen. 9. The guy at the auto dealership is charging you a finder’s fee for a car that’s on the lot. (Love that Seinfeld episode!) 8. No one seems all that impressed with your degree from Trump University. 7. A “mixologist” (as opposed to a bartender) spent 12 minutes making